• Are you looking to improve your performance in sport?

  • Are you a golfer looking to get a better integrated and more powerful swing?

  • Are you a runner who wants to smash their half-marathon PB?

  • Maybe you’re a triathlete who’s stepping up their first Ironman, but feels let down by their swimming? 

  • Perhaps a persistent niggle has been getting in the way, or you’ve had an injury in the past that you’re afraid may flare up if you push yourself harder? 

Or maybe you’re brand new to exercise and want to go about it the right way. 

We love to help active people just like yourself to attain their goals (after all, we work with elite athletes).  



Every sport or activity requires different functional movements and skills, and every person has a different body. What might suit one person in training, may not suit you.  

We start by looking at what your goals are and make a thorough assessment of where you are now, and the kinds of training you’ve done in the past. 

We’ll watch how you move, and take some measurements such as joint mobility, endurance and muscle strength. We may use a tool such as Vimove to see how you perform in terms of a sporting activity (e.g. your golf swing), or how you run. 

We’ll also be measuring how well you sleep, and physiological parameters such as beat-to-beat variability, that can give us insight into how you are responding to training loads. 

We’re all about education, and that includes diet and mindset. 



We’ll be looking to identify what needs to be strengthened, which joints need to move better, and where we can improve on your balance and movement integration.  

Most of the clients who want to improve performance commit to working with us over a number of weeks (e.g. 12 weeks), and we put together a very structured plan for them. 

Your program will consist of work with a physiotherapist, soft tissue therapist, a strength and conditioning coach, as well as input from coaches, nutritionists, sports psychologists and podiatrists.  

Where needed we’ll being in external expertise (e.g. if we need to get a bike fit carried out, or we need to get input with some front crawl technique in the pool). 


Why you should choose us for your physiotherapy

Great communication is key, and we use Microsoft Teams as a hub for your training plan and communication tool between you and your team. We keep all the data that we’ll be collecting there so that at any point in time, everyone knows what should be happening next, and how you are progressing all areas of your performance improvement plan.   

Over the years we’ve developed skills and techniques through our work with elite athletes, and no matter your level of activity, we can help you to achieve your goals.