At the heart of athletic performance is strength and conditioning training, and whether you’re looking to achieve a fitness or performance goal, or you want to come back strong after an injury or surgery, ‘S & C’ is going help you to achieve that.


Our strength and conditioning coaches understand the demands that the different activities place on your body and therefore help you to build the resilience you need to not only excel in your chosen activity, but to do so repeatedly and reducing the risk of injury and keeping you healthy in the process.

Many of the people we work with are runners and triathletes, but whatever your sport or activity, we’ll begin by carrying out some fitness, strength, coordination and movement testing, to get a base line of where you are now, which we match against established measures for your chosen activity We’ll tailor a very structured programme that is periodised,  and we’ll ensure that as you’re loading, your technique is spot-on, so you can be confident you’re moving with great form and getting the maximum benefit from each exercise

If you’re returning from an injury, or strengthening after knee surgery, your S & C coach will liaise closely with your physio and other members of your multidisciplinary team to make sure that the transition from rehabilitation to complete recovery is seamless. 

You’ll access your programme through an online app, called PhysiApp and we’ll track your progress so we can make adjustments, according to how you’re responding to the training.  

We’re used to training athletes at the peak of their game, we have all the experience and skills to help you fulfil your training goals, build resilience, and perform to the best of your ability.